Gladwell on why the revolution will not be tweeted

Been a while since I last blogged, so here’s setting into motion my plans for jnatomy.

I figure it would be better to blog about social and new media issues on jnatomy, and moving my photography onto another blog when I have created it. I got my internship to Taiwan with Circos and am excited to learn more about social media and the like. Would be great for my final honours year in NUS as I am considering doing a thesis on social media as well. As such, jnatomy on wordpress would be my platform for blogging about my musings on social & new media related topics.

Recently I just read an article by Malcolm Gladwell on The New Yorker and his take on why revolutions would not be tweetd. It’s kinda dated though since it was in October last year. An interesting read, I must say. Activism with strong ties and organised hierarchy. Social media with loose ties and disorganised networks.

Here’s also an interesting read on Joho’s Blog and his take on Gladwell’s article.

Cheers =D


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An anatomy of the soul, through the lenses of a camera.
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