Singapore General Elections 2011

Elections ended yesterday.

The PAP lost to the Worker’s Party in Aljunied GRC, and left me with a mixture of feelings.

I am neutral to both parties. I just believe that the most competent and capable team should lead Singapore, we can’t afford duds. Whether it is the PAP or Worker’s Party or any other opposition, they have to be top class.

When George Yeo and his team from PAP stepped down yesterday, feelings of ambivalence took over. Maybe the lesson learnt is that even if you are supposedly the best person for the job, if you can’t win at an election, then you’re out. That’s the harsh truth. U may study very hard during the school term, but if you don’t perform at the exams and get the necessary distinctions, then you’re out. To be top class, you have to perform everything well, and that is what I will set out to achieve from now on. If you’re good, then u make sure you fight all the way, win, and rise to the top.

Everyone has their own opinions, who should be the best team to lead Singapore, reasons aplenty. There is no right or wrong. I was reading Malcolm Gladwell’s “Blink”, which is essentially about the power of the unconscious mind that helps people make snap decisions. I remember the first time I saw the Worker’s Party on television this election, and their manifesto read: “Towards a first world parliament.” Immediately I shook my head. It just felt wrong.


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