Silhouettes at Williamstown

The Long Journey Silhouette

The Long Journey

A friend and I bicycled around the biking trails of Melbourne yesterday, covering 40km of the Yarra Trail, Capital City Trail, down to Docklands, before taking the trail to Williamstown. We arrived at Williamstown at around 8pm, just in time to catch the sunset, as well as a few stunning silhouettes.

Silhouettes never fail to amaze me. Currently, I’m more into Shadow Photography & Silhouette Photography. I used a high f-stop (aperture) to capture detail in the foreground and background, along with a fast shutter speed of around 1/1000 to freeze motion.

Here are some pictures:

Surfing in the sky Silhouette

Surfing in the sky

Vertical Push-up Silhouette

Vertical Push-up




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