Seoul City Life

It’s been good so far, settling in pretty well.

Here’s some online resources I would like to share for foreigners living, studying, or travelling in Seoul:

where I get my latest updates from.

one-stop source of information for people moving, visiting, living, working in Korea

bars, clubs, restaurants, entertainment, culture, shopping and fashion in Seoul

Korean related weblogs written in English

a blog where you can see the glimpse of everyday life in Korea through pictures and videos

a website for expatriates living in and visiting Korea

a  newspaper that the cyber diplomats  publish for the foreigners residing in Korea

This information is provided by the Living Advisory Committee of Seoul Global Center.

If any of u out there are reading this, and have other resources to share, please feel free to drop a comment or email me.


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  1. Right on – thanks so much for the shout out – we really appreciate it!

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