O Week nostalgia

Today marks the end of Orientation Week 2010.

I can’t remember what the end of my O week was like already. Time flies, and it’s the start to a fresh 3rd year at NUS, not exactly, since I’ll be headed overseas soon. I haven’t really been active in this O Week, been here only the 1st day, and today, on the very last day. Was busy settling SNU admin stuff and my Pre-Term plans.

Today, there was a tingly niggly wiggly feeling of nostalgia in me. It’s as if time seemed to pass slower, I could see people’s expressions fuller, all seemingly like a roll of film that seemed to play like a memory. Today, everyone laughed, shouted, cheered, and some cried. I missed the times in the past. I wished I could have done more this O Week, but I guess the time has come & passed by already. I guess we seniors have finally entered the realm of Oldom hahas.

Today I unexpectedly found myself in a situation wanting to get gifts for everyone, more so for the councillors who have done so well, and made us so proud. I see everyone’s faces, and they seem to say it was all worth it. I popped over to Vivo, and OMG, those twin Yoshis? OMG, so cute can. I got cards as well, but I didn’t know there would be cards already for everyone. I thought they were only for the freshies. So hopefully I’ve made up for my part and did what I could best do. I hope they love the Yoshi. OMG those eyes…, “It’s so cute, I’m gonna die!”

Everything seemed sweeter today. The canopy, the trees, the people, the air, everything. The memory. Everything is gonna change after this, and I hope this memory of friendship will always remain etched in my mind.

I’ll miss everyone.


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