Health & Fitness Tuesday. Muscle Milk.

Heys been awhile since I last posted. Was busy with work & still am in the midst of settling my exchange related stuff.

Gonna have a short post here for my Health & Fitness section. It’s been around 1 week since I’ve started on Cytosport’s Muscle Milk (Chocalate). Here’s how it is so far & my take on it:

Serving: 1 scoop to 12oz. Marigold HL Milk (Plain)

Taste: Great with cold milk!

Workout: 1 hour gym cross-training, 1 hour swim.

Usage frequency: 3 servings in a day with workout. 1 serving 2 hours pre-workout, 1 serving within an hour after workout, and 1 serving before I go to sleep.

Review: I decided on Muscle Milk as I wanted a leaner look, rather than bulk. I guess the results are not that quick to show. At the start, I was experimenting with how best to take it, with cold water, maybe 500ml, and even with milk. I drank more at the start, and I must say it gave me more energy and I feel that I can go further. Entering my ‘cutting’ phase now, where my portions are essentially cut smaller. So I’m having smaller meals spread throughout the day and spreading out the Muscle Milk intakes out as well. Wow, this is definitely tough. I feel like I have almost no energy to even complete the usual routine. This is possibly the most important phase, as mentally I have to push through at a lower caloric intake, with an overall diet of less salt, fat, sugar, & in essence abstaining from any unhealthy foodstuff.

In conclusion, it is too early for me to say how this product will fare. For now, it has been great. Supplements are not miracle drinks. One has to push through, workout hard, and maintain a lean diet as well. I’ll update next tuesday again. Cheers =D


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