Busy week and a nostalgic Arts Camp

So sorry, haven’t had much time to blog last week. Was busy with work, arts camp, partying, world cup late nights, and recent buffets. T house rocks, as usual. Pretty nostalgic going back, knowing that we seniors are year 3 already. Back then, our seniors Kenneth & Many gave us so much memories. I wished I had played a greater role, but I guess its over already. Arts camp still rocks, and it gave me the great arts peeps, some of whom have become my close friends, now & into the future. Tau Sa Bao, Tamade & Textasy rocks! Hope the freshies make lifelong friends and push towards a great start in their university days!

Figured I have probably only caught less than 4 hours of sleep time each day. Korea’s out of the World Cup, sadly. Partying at Zouk and Supperclub has been fun, but I wonder why I’ve been getting lightheaded much easier after drinks than in the past. And all that partying worsens the feeling that’s been bugging my heart recently =( Been designing EDMs for MOE as well, and playing around with CS5.

Things are getting busier, so pardon me if there are delays in my blog posts. Cheers to England & hope they do well against Germany tonight!


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