Penfolds Wine Event & Scape Youth Centre

Today David called me & lynn out for Suki Sushi buffet @ 1pm, and we ate till 3 plus, so I couldn’t make it down to the 1st wine session supposedly @ 3pm. The Suki Sushi buffet was better than expected I must say, especially the salmon sashimi. Jessie popped by almost @ the end, before I headed down to look for Alan @ Ion Orchard where the Penfolds Wine Event was held.

Penfolds Wine Lounge Event- Food & Wine Pairing

It was next to Miu Miu and Omega. Soon, the appreciation class started and we were exposed to four types of wines- a Chardonnay & Riesling (white) and a Shiraz & Cabernet Sauvignon (red).

Penfolds Wine Lounge Event Kym Schroeder

Senior winemaker Kym Schroeter was there to give his advice on what wines complemented the tastes of sweet, sour, and saltiness. I liked how the Chardonnay went well with the sweetness of the apple, the Riesling with the sour taste of the lemon, the Shiraz with the tomato, and the sea salt or soy sauce with the Sauvignon. I also learnt that the Chardonnay could complement a nice roast of duck meat too! Personally, I liked the tastes of the Cabernet Sauvignon better than the Shiraz, which I felt was pretty light. After the session, David, Lynn and Jessie popped over from the buffet, and we sampled the free starter set at the bar counter. O and did I mention I won a goody bag with another complimentary bottle of free Shiraz Cabernet with a wine carrier bag during the earlier session? 2 bottles to bring back today! Overall, it was a fun and enriching experience, and I am glad to have attended the sessions. Cheers to Alan for the Penfolds recommendation.

Soon after, we finished with the wines and made our way round Ion for some shopping to accompany the girls. Girls love Mango, don’t they. And me & David agreed that a particular mannequin on the furthermost right at the store entrance wearing basics was hot. I guess it really boils down to looks and your figure, and whatever clothes you wear would be nice. O and I found a nice red checkered shirt @ River Island, it rocks and I think I’m gonna get it. Next time perhaps. We then headed over to Triple One at Somerset and checked it out. Applebees looked interesting, and I would love to try it out sometime.

Thereafter, we headed over to the new Youth Centre at Scape.

A huge crowd had gathered for a performance of sorts, to celebrate an event for new media ambassadors of some sort. I must say the environment has a unique and vibrant youth culture, embodied by dance & outdoor performances, as well as youth centered shops in the mall itself. I managed to catch a picture with the Green Ranger, along with the many other performers prowling around =D

Scape Youth Park Green Ranger

Scape Youth Park

Thereafter, we made our way inside the mall, and saw Jacelyn Tay at her hip hop class studio at the highest floor. We had dinner at Xin Wang , the Taipei version, and I had the Curry Chicken Chop Rice, which was ok, pretty normal. Overall, the place was unique in a sense, a very niche area with a niche crowd, essentially consisting of youths. A vibrant arts culture outpost and an interesting space to look forward to in the future.

Do check out Scape on Facebook as well as 360 Without Borders if you want your arty farty talents to count for something.


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