Arty Farty with CurL’10

Today I woke up @ 7am, yes 7am, after a long & tiring ICT. Met up with Wei Yen and his NTU peeps to go down to NTU for an attachment program. CurL’10 essentially stands for Challenge Ur Limits, and is under the NTU Welfare Services Club (WSC).

This time, they are handling an event on the 4th July (8am-6pm) at the National Library I think, with painting of clogs, which will be put on display, as well as drumming with clogs, which I find pretty interesting. This attachment program I just attended got the volunteers like me to mix around with the beneficiaries, to play games together and get to know them better. The theme for 2010 is ‘Colouring Lives, Painting Futures’, as it aims to showcase to the public that people with disabilities are also able to do their part for the society, as exemplified by the painting of clogs. These will be placed in a uniquely designed shoe display closet featuring the exquisitely decorated clogs made by the beneficiaries on the top shelf of the shoe rack. On the lower shelves, deliberately spoilt clogs will be placed. The clog designing and decorating process will require the beneficiaries to explore their creativity in creating their personalised clogs.

Overall, it was a fulfilling experience, similar to my volunteer activities in Very Special Arts (VSA) and when I was in Myanmmar. My heart always felt heavy, and I could have dropped a tear or two. I’m not a person who usually cries, but I guess interacting with them leaves me with a feeling of innocence and something rather inexplicable. We had to learn and teach them a mass dance. We played games like tennis ball bowling, hula hoops, passing ping pong balls with spoons, and identifying differences in drawings. These things may appear to be so simple to us, but that is not the case for the beneficiaries. I hope I have made a difference, made them smile and laugh more today. It was the least I could do. The fusion of art, music, and doing something meaningful, is exemplified in CurL’10. Sometimes it’s these little things that matter, when they look and smile at you, that tells you that you have done something to make someone’s life a little better today. Volunteering may be filled with ambivalences, tiring but fulfilling, and none can make do without the other. I hope the effort I have put in today will help to brighten their day, a day which normal people like us may never be able to comprehend. I believe I have made a difference today, and will continue to do so again on the 4th July.

If you would like to contribute or play a part, visit the link above for more information.


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