jnatomy special- What is love? And the alternative love…

Here’s a jnatomy special, some random pop-up posts that do not fall into my 4 general categories. Hence, do check out for these random thoughts and stuff that strike me, and which I want to share and talk about. Also, I’m writing this because I’ll be back in camp next week, which probably leaves me no time to blog, and so hopefully this makes up for it.

Today, I just finished packing my FBO aka Full Battle Order!!! Booking back in tmr for a week long ICT. Looking forward to meeting up with my dear buddy and the rest of my platoon mates.

Ok so to kick off. I’ve been asked some questions from a good friend which I’ve pondered over. And also, I just found out some intriguing and almost startling stuff, at least for me, on a personal basis.

First up: What is love? Or maybe to rephrase a lil’, could there be someone out there in this big wide world who is actually secretly carrying a torch for you. I find it quite amazing. For me, at least, I feel that if you like someone you should make your intentions known, or at least try to talk to the person. This reminds me of 500 days of summer, yes love is hard work, so when are you going to start? Not so if it just remains trapped up in your heart. Actually this isn’t really related to me, but just an extended thought that came up to mind, and I thought I could share how I feel about stuff like this. I definitely believe in love’s irrationality and power, but if you like someone and it feels right, by all means, and you should, make your intentions clear. Life’s too short for you to be playing mind games with the other party. I like you now, and nothing is going to change that.

With that, I could say I’ve tried my best. The other party may seem unwilling if she doesn’t really respond or get back to you. Usually I guess that means we should be friends, and I treasure that. Now that I’m going off to Seoul for quite some time, I don’t think I can, or should get into any relationship as it would not be fair to the other party. Also because I would want to be with the person most of the time. I think it would just kill me. Just insights from a 22 yr old single guy.

Next up: The alternative love…Now for the intriguing and startling stuff. I just found out that a few of my secondary school peers are like…gay. It’s like…what is happening here!?! I mean, I have a close friend who is gay and I sort of like tried to understand how he feels, but to no avail. And I’m surprised some people like to associate me with being gay, maybe because I’m still single. Truthfully, I can never comprehend how one guy can ever like another guy, emotionally, or worse, physically! To put things worse, I have been to school with them before, but really, how did it become like this? And you have like 4000 gays congregating at some pink dot at people’s park. Some are your friends, and it leaves me with a kind of feeling which is kinda inexplicable. It’s like, I never thought this would happen. I have nothing against gays, and I believe in today’s age, one has the freedom to choose whatever lifestyles they want to lead. However, I believe I’ll never be able to comprehend whatever goes on inside their heads.

Ok I guess that’s really all for now. Maybe next special I may give you a guy’s view on soulmates. I’ll see if I can squeeze in time for any blogging if they do release us out some days after activities. As a final note to all singles out there: There can be no love without courage. Be brave & take the first step!


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3 Responses to jnatomy special- What is love? And the alternative love…

  1. Benson says:

    HAH. gays rule. interesting to have gay friends

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