Health & Fitness Tuesdays

It’s TUESDAYS! The day after Monday, but with four more days till Friday. So, tuesdays here are dedicated to my humble opinion on health & fitness to get you through the week, as well as share some tips and personal experiences.

Scenario: I spend almost an hour, one way, commuting to work every morning via the MRT. That totals to around 2 hours a day! I spend my travel time reading my korean language coursebook to brush up before I head to Seoul National this fall, as well as plug in to my Ipod listening to music. Hopefully, this sounds productive. Yet, I realize that there are many people who do not do anything during their commutes, or rather, are just plugged in to their music players. I admire those who read novels on trains, but I do find it hard to follow a story on board. But really, what can you do to make your travel time more meaningful?

Tip: Yes, with all the usual advice- read a book, listen to music etc. But I would like to point your attention to some interesting stuff related to the recent Apple WWDC 2010. Singaporeans just love their iPhones, don’t they? They seem to be everywhere! People could use their travel time plugging in to their feed readers to get interesting news and updates on topics of their interest eg. Google Reader etc. Now with the advent of iPhone 4, Safari 5, as well as Safari Reader, there is much more incentive to do so. I always felt that snippets of information and entertainment on the go, early in the morning, can be a great booster for the day! What’s more, there is the all new and uber cool Facetime video! I’m sure Singaporeans will definitely take to the iPhone 4. Opportunities are aplenty with technology and there is no reason not to make the most out of your travel time any more.

Here is an interesting link for a live demo on Facetime video:


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